8 Track Relay - How far can your team run in 24 hours? 

$89 per member, teams can be any size, from 1-50.

When a team reaches 8 (or more) team members, we shall mail 8 guest passes to the Captain to distribute as he/she sees fit.

When a team reaches 20 members, they are a "Super Team" and are awarded VIP camping and a dedicated space at the Exchange Zone.

Say goodbye to your mother's relay! Share a unique bonding experience with your team. No vans. No driving. Great food and drink. Free hot showers. All a whole lot more. The 8 Track Relay is a better approach to relay running. Typically, running relays record time over distance – how fast can you get from point A to point B? 8 Track reverses the equation – how FAR can your team run in a 24-hour period? Teams can be any size, from 1 to 50, and you set the pace - race, run or relax – each team tailors its own approach.

8 Track Relay's looped course allows all of the action to stay in one place. Your team's campsite is a great place to relax with your friends while ongoing activities keep the fun factor high.

8 Track Relay is relay racing done right – great running and camaraderie, camping, continuous music, hot showers, activities, entertainment, food and drink....all in one place.

What's Included

  • Long sleeve tech running shirt
  • Disco Dance Party with Portland's largest disco ball
  • Portland's Best Fireworks Display
  • Chip timing
  • Commemorative 8-track cassette
  • Experience Pass (camping, hot showers, 24-hours of music, fun and games)


The course is a scenic 4.37-mile loop alongside a nature preserve and a golf course. It is mostly flat, with just a couple of slight rises and descents. Half of the course is paved, the other half is packed gravel (road shoes are appropriate). Each lap is punctuated by a final sprint along the track's drag strip to the Pit Row Exchange Zone.

The exchange zone is a crazy place to be, where the madness and pandemonium of the baton exchange takes place. Hang out in the team area to cheer on your teammates (and competition), and experience one of the most exciting elements of The 8 Track Relay.

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